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The Free Spirited Travellers

"... we haven't seen everything, but it's on our list..."

The Free-Spirited Travellers
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This community was begun as a precursor to my latest project: www.freespiritedtraveller.com. It is not only a travelogue of my own experiences, but it will be a community for free spirited travellers all across the globe to come together to offer what the lone traveller might not have access to on his own. The community users will offer food, housing, travel tickets, company, translation, anything they have they would like to share with the backpacking traveller on a budget. If a fellow member has something to offer, he can share it. If a member needs assistance, he can ask for it. My blogs and photography will be shared as I make my way across the world, and I will offer my own personal skills and advertising to those who choose to help me.

This community was made to begin a basic membership base to transfer to the real site when it is up an running. I hope everyone can share their stories of families and friends who helped them along in their travelling adventures. Stories and pictures are welcome, and I hope we can close the global gap and show that people are an inherrently gracious, giving, and friendly species.

Namaste and happy travelling!